An important note about our 2020 summer training class. As of May 1, 2020 the College of Lake County (IL) has set a date of July 6th for returning to in classroom training. Our Forensic Classroom program is scheduled to start July 22 and at this time we are expecting the class to run. It is most probable that the college will impose a restriction on the size of the class. If you are interested in registering please go to the Forensic Classroom program description page for registration information.

Forensic-Classroom is a service of Imprimus Forensic Services LLC designed for science educators who have or are looking to integrate forensic science into their programs at school. Our goal is to provide resources and training that develop teacher skills and enhance classroom curriculum. We want to help your program evolve and run smoothly.

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Our Bookstore page contains a wide variety of forensic and science related books grouped in specific catagories for ease of use. You will even find a section specific to forensic programs in the classroom.

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This page has a number of forms and publications that we think you will find useful for your programs.

Resource Guide

Our Resource Guide currently has pages listing relevant professional organizations as well as useful resources and programs for teachers. Look for this section to expand in the months ahead.

Simplified Forensic Science


Along with the College of Lake County, Illinois, we offer a five day program for science educators that have or are interested in introducing criminal forensic techniques and principles into their science curriculum. The purpose of this program is to help you understand the nature of crime scene investigations and to teach the proper use of crime scene investigation equipment. For Illinois educators this program provides 40 hours of CPDU's.

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