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Our Bookstore page contains a wide variety of forensic and science related books grouped in specific catagories for ease of use. You will even find a section specific to forensic programs in the classroom.

Downloadable Files

This page has a number of forms and publications that we think you will find useful for your programs.

Resource Guide

Our Resource Guide currently has pages listing relevant professional organizations
as well as useful resources and programs for teachers. Look for this section to
expand in the months ahead.

Added 2013 - The NFSTC "A Simplified Guide to Forensic Science"

Simplified Forensic Science


Along with the College of Lake County, Illinois, we offer a six day program for science educators that have or are interested in introducing criminal forensic techniques and principles into their science curriculum. The purpose of this program is to help you understand the nature of crime scene investigations and to teach the proper use of crime scene investigation equipment.

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